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The Workout

What if I told you boxing / kickboxing is extremely therapeutic?

One of the things that I hear the MOST is how my workouts are so great for the mental wellbeing of my clients!
"I NEEDED that today!" as they leave the session with a smile of relief on their face.
In today's crazy world, people need a healthy outlet for stress relief now more than ever. 
I jokingly refer to myself as people's "kickboxing therapist", as it's become a pretty common
byproduct of my workouts, all while youre fat burning and having FUN.

My #1 Goal is to keep you FAT BURNING, the entire workout.
High Intensity Interval workouts are great for burning fat and reshaping the body. 

Each session is 45 minutes long. About half of your workout will be designed to engage different muscle groups based on your personal goals, the other half will be boxing, kickboxing and other martial arts all while learning real technique and combos.
I will slow you down to improve your form so you are learning correctly and don't get injured, at the same time,

I won't compromise the quality of your workout for the sake of techinque.
Basically I will keep you working the entire time, keeping your heart rate in the optimal fat burning zone, all while having fun.


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