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Ian is an amazing coach! When I first started working out with Ian, we mainly focused on strength training and a bit of cardio. Eventually I learned that Ian has been also practicing Muay Thai for majority of his life. We have incorporated Muay Thai into our routine and I'm having the best time of my life. Ian is able to keep me motivated and entertained every session.
I am also attending Thera Red Spa, located upstairs. I do 15 minutes of daily red light therapy followed by 25 minutes of daily infrared sauna. My skin has improved so much, my skin tone has evened out, and I feel very uplifting after each session. I highly recommend Thera Red Spa as part of your recovery routine.
Health is wealth and you gotta start prioritizing your health!

I have lost over 80lbs so far and I'm so excited for what's to come. Thanks Ian, I am so thankful for your professionalism and motivational coaching!

-Sasha Matusevich


Been training with Ian for over 2 years! Amazing custom workouts based on what you need. Seeing consistent results in my strength and speed with mitt work! Such an encouraging trainer throughout the whole 60 minute session with flexibility in scheduling as needed when life happens. 
Plus, 50% off all Thera-Red services if you’re a client located conveniently right up stairs. Never go a session without ending it with some recovery red light therapy and infrared sauna. It is always kept nice and clean and get me ready to kill it the next day without pain!

-Traci Yamashita


Been training with Ian for over a year now, and I couldn’t be happier. Workouts are always fun, he encourages without being too abrasive, and is focused on giving me personal results. There is so much care put into his personal training which is why I admire him so much as a trainer. 10/10 recommend!!!

-Georgette Schuda


Went from 288lbs at my worst, down to 228lbs since training with Ian. With over 60lbs lost, I hit my goal, and pushed past that last 30lbs where my weight plateaued, thanks to you Ian Deak! He's best trainer who listens and cares and implements the fundamentals of training nutrition and patience to deal with all my cheat meals! Couldn’t ask for a better trainer and coach to get me there.

-Sam Sharaf


I started training with Ian 6 months ago and I couldn’t be happier with my results! He’s professional, encouraging, and gently pushes you to meet your goals. I’ll never go to anyone else!
-Danielle Sena


If you want to see results, and get your butt kicked , Ian is the trainer for you! I’ve only been seeing him since January and I feel great! More energy, strength, stamina. I’m so happy I found him. The workouts are custom, awesome, and get the job done. And the best part about them is you have fun while doing them. Go workout with him, you won’t regret it!
-Megan Sharaf


Working with Ian has been nothing short of amazing. Ian is a true coach and motivator, and he will make sure you keep going even when you think you’re done. He personalizes the sessions and customizes the workouts to meet your individual goals and needs. Since starting our sessions, I’m seeing more definition in my core and muscles, dropping body fat, and leaning out. My stamina, focus, and energy have all improved. If you’re tired of staying put, get going with Ian.
-Natalie Stephan


I’ve had personal trainers in the past but never had one where I have fun working out with. I look forward to my training sessions with Ian, always. He is a true coach! Every training sessions is different and challenging. I love that he pushes me yet knows my limits. I highly recommend Ian! Thanks for changing my life to be healthier and fit Ian! Keep up the good work!
-Twee Hayes


I highly recommend Ian for personal training! He has empowered me with my strength and my fitness goals. Since I’ve started with him I have lost 16 pounds and 6 inches which has been amazing. Being a woman in her 50s where weight gain is active in the mid area, he has helped me to change the way I look and feel,100% perfect!! I recommend anybody try out his personal training, you will not be sorry! He will push you to every levels of your work out.

-Kimberly Condino


I have so many positive things to say about Ian! He is an amazing personal trainer. He’s enthusiastic, encouraging and he pushes me! I have lost 12 pounds working with Ian. I feel great and am stronger than I’ve been in a long time. There is always variety in the workouts which is something I really enjoy. I look forward to our workouts every week. You can’t go wrong with Ian as your trainer!
-Rachel Kirk


Ian is not only knowledgeable but he’s encouraging and fun to work with! His passion for fitness and health is so evident...He’s definitely a local gem! He's helped me lose 20lbs and it's been a life changing experience. If you’re looking for someone to keep you motivated, hold you accountable but push you to your limits- he’s the trainer for you. Hit him up!!
-Joanne Baduria


I just finished 10 personal training sessions with Ian Deak and he is great at training. He is PATIENT, pays attention to what you can handle, he trains specific to the person....what a concept! He is a true professional and has an incredible background and experience. I’ve never done this before and I liked it a lot! He kicked my butt! I would recommend him to anyone!!
-Jodie Moncrief


Ian is the best personal trainer I’ve had. He is highly professional and truly cares about his clients. Every session with him is different (and challenging)! I’ve never been so obsessed with a workout and it’s all because of Ian!
-Bri Sussman


I’ve had many trainers and finding Ian was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I leave feeling completely accomplished and knowing I was and am capable of so much more. Highly recommend giving it a try to anyone who is looking to get trained and with someone who will walk you through it all and not be a bootcamp sergeant. Great guy and a well knowledge of this industry.
-Joey Salinas

Bobby P_edited.jpg

I have been training with Ian for a few months now and I can say he is phenomenal at what he does. Every training session is different and well structured. I always feel good after each session knowing I have had the best work out. He thrives to get the best out of you making your session so worth while. I love training with him as it is so different from going to a normal gym no session is ever the same. If you are after the best then get a session booked with him you will not be disappointed.I am now down 23lbs since I started and feeling great! Thanks Ian you truly are an exceptional trainer.
-Bobby Punchard


If your looking for a trainer who can motivate you, make you feel good about yourself and has a passion for what he does, Ian is your trainer.  
I am 62 and had never been in a gym.  My cardiologist recommended boxing for stress relief.  I found Ian.  It took him 2 months to convince me to try it.  I am glad I did.
Ian respects by age limitations but at the same time gives you a workout that you know is helping.  He doesn’t make you feel embarrassed and is always very positive.  No two sessions have been the same.  I have increased my workouts because of Ian.
Lastly, everyone of the trainers that Ian has working for you make you feel welcome even when I fall doing simple exercises.
Ian is my trainer and in my opinion is the best of the best.

-Frank Monteleone


I did a personal training with Ian today, I must tell he is very thorough, focused on your physical movement, corrects your posture throughout. Always checks up on you, makes sure you are ok and gives you enough breaks even water break and asks how you are doing the whole time. He is very caring and he’ll be your best friend. Try one on one personal training! I highly recommend Ian!

-Swechhya Upadhyaya


Not only is Ian part of my wellness team , but he is my personal trainer. I have chronic pain and have suffered from injuries that has prevented me from being able to work out in the traditional way and Ian has been very successful in modifying my training and still getting me results. I definitely recommend him for all ages and limitations.

-Kara Maldonado


Ian is a phenomenal personal trainer! He is so focused, attentive, and punctual with every session. I love how he is always learning new techniques to incorporate in our sessions. No 2 sessions were ever the same which I greatly appreciated as Ian always kept me on my toes by changing up the routine constantly. Do yourself the favor and hire this man to help you meet all your fitness goals and needs! Thank you, Ian!

-Lorenzo Marquez


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Located at Self Made Training Facility South OC



Clients have access to the BEST equipment in an exclusive environment and pay $0 in gym fees!

All my clients also get 50% OFF Upstairs at my wellness center, Thera-RED and Free Unlimited Bodyfat testing.

30332 Esperanza, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

This is my personal cell! Feel free to text anytime!


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